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So, you’re going to have a date later in the evening and you are sure that you are going to have some sexy time with your partner after dinner. That being said, you are looking for ways to improve your sexual health and performance and one of the best things to do that would be to eat the right foods (as well as taking male enhancement pills, of course).

In today’s article, I will go over the things that you can eat that will make you better in bed.


Have you heard of pheromones? That is a natural scent that our bodies give off to attract a potential mate. Well, there are actually foods that can help you boost your pheromones, making your partner want you more.

Licorice happens to be one of the best in that regard. Although there is a study that says it might lower libido, it is not substantial given that it is only a single study.

Anyway, licorice, even in candy form, can boost the release of pheromones and may put your partner’s sex drive on overdrive.


This cheap but amazing source of protein should definitely be included in whatever diet plan you are following.

Eggs not only promote muscle growth and stamina, but it can actually help you feel more relaxed as well.

Men who suffer from premature ejaculation would receive the most benefit for eating eggs, simply because it can help keep the edge off; allowing you to relax even more.


Have you had your blueberry pie lately? If so, then you are on the right track. Blueberries are chockful of vitamins and antioxidants and they are the reason why you’d want to include this in your diet.

That is because the nutrients that are contained in blueberries can help improve blood flow and the release of dopamine– the neurotransmitter that is responsible for powering the pleasure centers of the brain.


A lot of people actually consume oatmeal for breakfast for a variety of different reasons. It helps promote higher energy levels thanks to it being one of the best sources of complex carbs.

Two, it contains arginine which can help improve blood flow to the different areas of the body. And third, it ramps up testosterone production, thereby increasing orgasm strength.


Aside from being one of the rich sources of Vitamin C, peaches can actually help improve sperm production and motility thanks to the said vitamin. And oh, they are also quite delicious as well.


If eating raw oysters is not your thing, then the next best alternative is a lobster. Each lobster is chockfull of zinc which can help men improve their records by allowing them to make their penis erect for longer periods of time.


Granola is rich in fiber and a new study finds granola to actually help people in improving their sexual attraction and sexual response. This affects both men and women.

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