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  • Mix new and old elements.

Don’t hesitate to steal decorations and accessories from other rooms around the house. If you think you need help with mixing modern and vintage furniture pieces, feel free to ask for the assistance of a reputable interior design firm in Malaysia. Modern and vintage combinations can make a home warm and comfortable. 

  • Let natural light in.

Make sure to stay connected with the wonderful outdoor world. Learn more about natural light in interior design. This will make your home feel larger. This is really helpful if you are operating on a small space. Check how you can allow sunlight inside the room while still remaining privacy. 

  1. Your space must reflect you unique personality.

Don’t be scared to go all out when it comes to incorporating your unique personality with your interior design. One cool way to redesign your home office is by fixing the lighting. An attention-grabbing pendant lamp with some gold detailing can give your work area a luxurious and professional fee. 

  • Add greenery.

Breathe in new life into your personal space by adding some greenery. Make sure, though, that there is a balanced, clean and comfortable vibe in the area. For instance, a lovely small plant can definitely make your kitchen design more visually appealing, and at the same time help in keeping the air clean and calm. 

  • Be artistic. 

Decorate your work place with images that speak well to you. Why not feel your office with vibrant art that would make you feel even more motivated, and energize your space.

  • Look for the perfect rug.

A colorful rug may appear like a basic home accessory, but it can actually deliver a positive first impression. Apart from choosing a nice rug, keep your furniture pieces clean and simple, then you can add green foliage for some unique texture. 

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