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Are you excited to travel with your baby? Going to awesome places with your little one is an exciting thing to do, but before arranging your itinerary, think about safety first.

 One of the first things you must get is a baby travelling bag, stroller and carrier for your child. There are tons of baby strollers in Malaysia you can select from. 

Should you travel with a baby stroller?

If you have young kids that need one to travel on a regular basis, then yes, you definitely need one. 

If you always travel by car, you can also take one. You can easily put one in the trunk. However, if you are a frequent flyer, then that would be a more complex set up. 

Why should you get one? 

  • You can spend more time strolling around with your babies and young children.
  • It can save you from back pain. No need to carry them around your back. 
  • If you live in a hot area, using a baby carrier can be difficult.
  • Traveling is far less complex if your hands are free. 
  • Traveling with children becomes easier with a stroller. All you need to do is push them around. 
  • If your kid feels like napping, he can do so in the baby stroller.

Why shouldn’t you get one? 

  • Your baby stroller can get damaged while flying.
  • Checking in a baby stroller, and then deal with it alongside your luggage can be painful. 

Choosing the best baby stroller: The factors you need to consider

  1. Weight and size
  2. Reclining seat
  3. Easier to fold with a carry strap
  4. Storage basket for your own convenience 
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