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As a long-time watch enthusiast, I’ve had my fair share of blunders when it comes to choosing a watch.
Back in the day, I went to Hong Kong to find a lot of different things, including some nice watches. A friend of mine actually referred me to a shop that sells watches but little did I know that they only sell counterfeit watches. The problem was that I only found out after the fact because I was engrossed with the watches they’re selling. Please do not make the same mistake as I have.
Whether you are planning to buy a really expensive automatic watch or just a simple one that will suit your needs, do read the entirety of this article to help you gain some simple tips for buying a quality watch for men.

Learn About the Different Styles

Before heading out there to find a watch that suits you, you have to first learn about horology or the science of making timepieces.
This is an important step so that you will learn more about what makes a watch tick and so that you can also learn a thing or two about the different styles.
You see, watches are built to last and are made in a way that can outlive the one who is wearing the said accessory.
That being said, I also would turn you to some lifestyle magazines such as GQ, the Art of Manliness, and the Gentleman’s Gazette as they also provide some useful tips about certain watches as well.

Be Aware of the Shop You’re Going To

As mentioned earlier in the article, I got duped by the shop owner when I was in Hong Kong. It was actually my fault because I didn’t do some research beforehand. Having learned about my experience, it will be in your best interest to find out more things about the shop you’re going to buy your watch from.
The good thing about this day and age is that you can use the internet for such tasks. Pay close attention to the reputation of the shop and some online reviews if you can.

The Price Matters, But Not in the Way that You Think

Now, it is a good idea to set a budget first before going out there in search of the appropriate timepiece for you, but that is actually not why you should consider the price of the watch.
The reason why you would want to even consider the price of the watch is so that you will know exactly which category of watches you should be looking at.
For example, if you want to buy an all-arounder, a $500 watch can certainly be the one for you. Watches that are over $2,000 are considered luxury watches and may not be suitable for all people.

Get One that You Enjoy Using

As I’ve alluded to earlier, I am a watch enthusiast and having more than 30 watches in my collection, I can honestly say that you should buy the watch that you want to wear.
Sure, you can buy as many as you want to include in your collection, but do so with the notion that you actually want to wear them and not make it just as a showpiece.

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