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Do you love shopping for your baby bibs in Malaysia for your baby? That is great, since many things must be ready even before your little one arrives home from the hospital. However, keep in mind that this journey is not just about your child. It is also about you having a happy, healthy pregnancy. Focus on your comfort and happiness.

One of the things that you will be needing once you experience body changes while pregnant is a maternity bra. Once you feel comfortable, then it’s time to go for a shopping trip. Don’t buy a maternity bra that lacks support, and is too big. Make sure that this enough room to grow. 

How to find a good fit?

  • The band at the back must be fastened on the loosest bra hooks when bought much closer to the due date; it needs to be tightened when your ribcage starts to contract
  • The bra straps must feel comfortable even on your shoulders–not too loose or tight or loose
  • The nursing clips must be easy unfasten and fasten with a single hand
  • Your breasts must sit completely inside the bra cups
  • Wide under bust elastic must fit firmly around the ribcage

Selecting the right maternity bra style

  1. A-frame. This style is perfect for bigger busts, as well as full-cup styles since it provides much greater coverage and support.
  2. Side sling. Supports your breast with the help of a sling of fabric at the outer side. It offers less coverage, and then allows more skin-to-skin bond between the baby and mother. 
  3. Seamless. Stretchy and soft to adapt to your own changing shape
  4. Contour/ Soft-cup. Comfortable, wireless and a great everyday option
  5. Sports. Supports a pregnant woman’s breasts without compression.
  6. Sleep. A bit supportive, and comes with easy access for evening nursing sessions.> 
  7. Pumping. A pumping bra is specifically created for a hands-free breast pumping experience. 
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